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Janitorial Services

I. DAILY SERVICES (5 Days per week)

1. Empty waste and other waste containers, insert liners as required, remove and deposit trash in designated containers.

2. Clean sand urns and replace sand as necessary

3. Vacuum carpeted areas and entrance mats

4. Remove stains from carpeting as they occur

5. Dust desks, chairs, filing cabinets, handrails, counter tops, window ledges, banisters and other horizontal surfaces throughout which era accessible without the use of a ladder.

6. Arrange furniture and magazines in reception and waiting areas.

7. Clean stains and hand marks from desktops, counter tops, walls and doors throughout the building.

8. Restrooms will be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant. All urinals, partitions, toilets, toilets seat, showers and basins will be cleaned and sanitized, wet mop all floors with a neutral cleaner. Clean and polish mirrors, bright metal and other restroom hardware. Empty waste and replenish restroom supplies as required with those supplies furnished by owner, insuring each day is started with full dispensers.

9. Dust mop all hard surface floors     

10. Spot mop hard surface floors for spills and weather trackage.

11. Clean, polish and disinfect all drinking fountains

12. Spot Clean partition glass and all mirrors

13. Clean door glass

14. Clean and sanitize all kitchens or bar sinks. Wipe all counter tops

15. Sweep or vacuum stairways

16. Police exterior entry

17. Maintain neat and orderly supply closet

18. Leave notice to Owner of any repairs necessary or shortages of restroom material, etc.

19. Turn all lights off than those required to be left on

20. Check to make sure all windows and are locked when leaving

21. Report unusual occurrences, damages or malfunctions


1. Clean all desks that have been cleared of all papers, books, pencil, etc.

2. Clean and polish chromo and bright metal, entrance doors and kick and push plates.

3. Wet mop all hard surfaces floors

4. Spot clean around light switches and doors frames.

5. Dust vertical surfaces of offices furniture.


1. Dust venetian blinds

2. Clean, wax and polish resilient floors at extra charge

3. Vacuum or brush upholstered furniture as needed


1.  Dust overhead lighting fixtures

2. Dust ventilator ducts and vents, vacuum surrounding ceiling areas

3. Wash exposed surfaces of filing cabinets

4. Wash partitions and ceramic tile wall areas in restrooms.


1. Clean carpet and rinse extract on request at extra charge

2. Clean windows inside and outside including partitions at extra charge

3. Strip, seal and refinish resilient floors on request at extra charge

Regardless of the above specifications the buildings is to kept neat and clean all times.

Evergreen Cleaning Services will provide all cleaning materials and equipment needed for the performance of these duties.

Evergreen Cleaning Services will also provide proof of insurance.